četvrtak, 4. srpnja 2013.

4.7.2013- 21:30 "What a day"

How to start
 Okay , i will start of morning :P I wanted to sleep because all night my fcnkn uncle were watching movie with horror music. You can think. I was so scared, that i didn't go on toilet to pee :''') This "amazing"day started with my grandma yells- Go take walk with dog!- she get up at 6:00 a.m and she waked up me at 9:00 -_- - Wait!- she said. "And buy bread." i was so confused. Actually i wasn't :') Okay we will skip breakfast. I went out with girls from my street and Ivana comes. So, we played SLENDERMAN LIVE , something like SLENDERMEN on mobile, but we played it in street, like , someone is slenderman, and he throws messages, and we must find eight mess. but he mustn't catch us. Okay, we back to past- Maria was slender :') And, Coticka (Ivana) collected 4/8 messages. We find others. Then, Maria became nervous and she lies that Ivana looks at her. But all we know, that she didn't. So she say things like: do you wanna fight? OR who tell you can talk? OR oh, i'm gonna kick you shit. And it was so rude -_- So, she is weird (everyone says that) but she acts like she is cooler.And then, all this day she ignores us and acts she is queen. -_- HATE HER! HATEEEEE!!!